Weird Dream

I dreamed about masturbating.

The reason this is particularly weird is because I don’t, generally speaking, masturbate in real life. After a few months of anguish trying (and failing) at having orgasms, which didn’t succeed largely because I over-think the idea too much, I kinda stopped bothering. I guess I don’t know what I’m missing, because all I wind up with is a sore clit. I don’t get pleasure out of it even sans orgasms.

Anyway, I had this dream, which was a mix of memories of my vacation last summer and a bunch of other fantastical elements. And then, I’m not sure of whether it was related to anything in the dream, but I dreamed I was sort of rubbing my crotch against some object, I forget what, kind of dry-humping it I guess. And then I was sticking my hand down my pants, and, you know, masturbating. It was particularly weird in the dream because I did feel this rush of maybe actually enjoying the idea, which I certainly don’t when I’m awake. I woke up a second later with this enormous jolt dragging me out of REM sleep and I had the feeling that it was in real life that I’d stuck my hand down my pants, not in the dream. Since your muscles don’t move in REM sleep, though, I think that’s unlikely. I don’t know. Interesting experience, anyway.


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