Linguistics: academia, here I come!

A comment I made about Latin grammar in reference to the plural of “dominatrix” set me off on an interesting mini research spurt. I’m of the school that words that have come into English directly from Latin should use their Latin plurals, even in English — this includes words like “clitoris” (pl. clitorides) and “dominatrix” (pl. dominatrices). Then I did some Googling. I was predicting that the Anglicized plurals of these words (i.e. “clitorises” and “dominatrixes”) would throw up more results, but “dominatrices” yielded 375,000 Google results to “dominatrixes”‘ 228,000. However, there were only 8,710 results for “clitorides” and 156,000 for “clitorises”, suggesting both that people should brush up on their Latin plurals and that there is less occasion to refer to more than one clitoris than there is more than one dominatrix. Stands to reason, I suppose.

And that was your language lesson for the day. Should I send it in to the guys at Language Log?


One Response to “Linguistics: academia, here I come!”

  1. […] “women with cloth off showing pee hole” “porn is boring” “plural of dominatrix” <– that was very satisfying given this post. […]

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