My New Year’s resolution

It’s a little late, yes, but unexcitingly enough my resolution is to get laid by the end of 2008.

This isn’t just about casual sex, though. It’s about developing enough self-assurance to get out there and find someone to have a “thing” with (whether that’s a one-night stand or a relationship), someone who likes me back. It’s about becoming comfortable with my body such that I can be intimate with myself and with someone else. It’s about expanding my horizons and meeting new people, especially people whose sexualities are similar to mine.

I’ve grown a lot over 2007. I have many real-life reasons to believe that 2008 should be even more promising in that regard. Happy new year to anyone who’s reading (I’m now quite the hot result for searches for “victorian porn”, and entertainingly enough I was also a hit for “porn is boring” the other day).

Maybe someday I’ll write a real post. You never know.


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