That stands for sex/gender/orientation, and what I’m referring to right now is a Facebook application that offers more choices than the binary “Sex: ” and “Interested in: ” boxes Facebook offers in its standard distribution. I just re-examined my answers on the app because I wanted to change it to reflect the fact that I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a solid Kinsey 4: predominantly homosexual, more than incidentally heterosexual. I think that’s reasonable. I’m still calling myself bisexual to the layperson, though, because it’s easy and doesn’t cut out opportunities.

The bigger change that I made, though, was that I changed my “Gender identity: ” to “questioning”. Since I didn’t see a single other option there that I liked, including agender, bigender, third gender, fourth gender, genderqueer, all that good stuff, I decided “questioning” was a good option. There’s a Q on the end of LGBT now just for “questioning” anyway, so I figure it can’t do any harm. I don’t know though. It made me wonder what I was questioning, and whether I really am anything other than a woman. I mean, just cause you don’t fit into the standard picture of a feminine, femmey woman, doesn’t make you not a woman. I can play butch dyke just as well… except for when the post-office clerk calls me “sir” and I automatically respond, and then I really can’t bring myself to see why someone would be as embarrassed as he was, when I stepped to the front of the line and he saw my feminine features. Yeah, I know he was embarrassed because most women would be insulted; there’s no way for him to know that I wouldn’t have attacked him or whatever… but I don’t care. I will answer to “sir” as readily as “ma’am”, and maybe more readily, because “ma’am” is just an ugly word.

Shit, where was I? Oh, that I just don’t know what I am anymore. So “questioning”. That describes it.


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