Search terms

I’m endlessly fascinated with what my stats turn up. (Of course, now that I’m discussing this, it’s gonna skew my stats some more by reiterating the terms I get already.)

Interestingly enough, I think my most popular overall search term is “victorian porn” or some variation thereof, which has actually surprised me: I thought I was the only one with the more-than-passing interest in really vintage erotica.

I get a lot of searches for “non-consensual”, and that makes me feel a bit guilty. I’m obviously not promoting non-consensual activity at all, I just wrote this one post a while back that had the phrase “non-consensual” in the title. But I guess it makes me feel awkward that there are people searching for that. When I was first becoming aware of my, erm, sexual preferences, the discovery of the “safe, sane, consensual” maxim became very important to me. It meant that I was more normal and wholesome than, say, the Marquis de Sade. I guess connection of my preferences with any form of non-consensuality still kind of makes me shiver.

I’ve gotten a fair number of searches involving some variation on “bondage”, and even a couple for my own “alterisego” name — which certainly swells my ego a bit.

And here are some other funny ones, for your entertainment:

“women with cloth off showing pee hole”
“porn is boring”
“plural of dominatrix” <– that was very satisfying given this post.

And today I got “how to stop being masochist”, which made me sad and reminded me what I need to keep remembering, that I’m lucky in terms of my ability to deal with my identity.


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